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Nutritional Evaluation

Lucila Cecchi

For the first time, the Genesis Foundation is partnering with Fundación Éxito and CES University in Medellín to conduct a nutritional evaluation for the beneficiaries of the Early Childhood Program: First Learning Steps.

The evaluation aims to measure over 10 months, if 200 pregnant mothers and 143 children under 2 years of age benefited with the program, have managed to eradicate chronic malnutrition and other types of malnutrition.

To this end, nutritional supplements will be delivered to the population that contain vitamins, milk, and other essential ingredients to improve the indicators of malnutrition found in this type of population.

The results of this evaluation will be key inputs to continue improving the quality of the early childhood care in Colombia.

Alliance for Education and Peace in Colombia

Lucila Cecchi

In June 2017, the alliance between APC-Colombia, Mercy Corps and the Genesis Foundation for Children was formalize to implement, strengthen and expand the program: Education and Peace: country vision.

This alliance was establish in 2016 through a Counterpart Agreement, which ended on December 2016 with successful results in four departments of Colombia. In 2017, the program seeks to continue with the Program “Education and Peace: Country Vision”, to improve the quality of education and promote comprehensive protection by benefiting 31,326 adolescent girls, 2090 parents and 1009 teachers in 31 educational establishments and 21 boarding schools Of four departments of the country: Chocó, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca and Putumayo.

Within the framework of this alliance, Genesis Foundation is carrying out the program "Palabrario & Numerario" in quality education, a program that seeks to foster logical thinking in mathematics and the progress of reading and writing skills and to develop Problem-solving ability of students. We are strengthening the implementation in Antioquia and Valle del Cauca in the municipalities of Envigado, Caucasia, Itagüí, Turbo, Apartado and Buenaventura.

Within the framework of this alliance, Mercy Corps is carrying out the program "With Peace Learn More" financed by the Government of Canada in consortium with War Child Netherlands. This program takes place in Putumayo and Chocó, and aims to build a future free of violence, for children and adolescents, through two fundamental axes: improving the quality of education and promoting comprehensive protection in the school (as a protective environment) with an ethnic and gender approach.

Award "Premio Compartir al maestro"

Lucila Cecchi

We have participated as a jury of the 2017 edition of the Premio Compartir. We see in this initiative another opportunity to recognize the importance of the work of teachers in the future of our society.

The Award “Premio Compartir al Maestro” has 19 editions, and recognizes the importance of the teacher´s profession, who in a systematic and reflexive way is able to identify and define the didactic problems that our children are facing, and designing, implementing and evaluating proposals to solve them. But also, the award communicates his experience and is successful in the results concerning the training of his students.