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1. Does Genesis support projects in the U.S.?

No. Currently Genesis Foundation only supports projects in Colombia.

2. Can my organization apply to receive funds from Genesis?

We don´t receive applications. Genesis has a long-term committment to the projects that it already supports and its interest is to continue to replicate them in different regions of the country. Any changes will be announced on our website.

3. Does Genesis support health projects?

Genesis no longer supports health projects .The Foundation is focusing on education projects.

4. What types of projects does Genesis support?

Genesis only supports measurable, replicable and sustainable education projects within three intervention lines: early childhood education programs (0-5 years old), strengthening pedagogical programs  in preschools and elementary schools, and influencing public policy.

5. How does Genesis cover its administrative expenses?

Founders and sponsors underwrite the organization's operational and administrative costs. Some supporters also contribute to our operational expenses.

6. Where do Genesis' funds come from?

While Genesis Foundation has the support of the Genesis Endowment, a separate organization created to benefit the Foundation, Genesis Foundation receives funding from many sources. We receive funds from our Founders, Board Members, individuals from the public at large, as well as corporations and foundations, in the US and in Colombia. 

7. Where are Genesis' offices located?

Genesis has offices in Bogotá, Colombia, and in New York in the U.S.

8. Does Genesis operate programs?

Genesis does not operate projects directly. Genesis partners with other organizations that operate the projects on site and Genesis provides funding, technical support and closely monitors the operations. Genesis invests 100% of its economic and human resources in providing quality and innovative learning opportunities for underprivileged Colombian children.

9. Is 100% of my donation tax exempt?

No. Please consult with your accountant to determine the level of deductibility for income tax purposes.

10. Does Genesis receive  in kind donations?

We do receive in kind donations but please contact us first to determine the viability of the donation.

11. Is Genesis a private foundation?

Since 2011, Genesis Foundation is in the process of changing its status from private foundation to become a public charity, which will open doors towards new sources of financing. The transition takes 5 years according to U.S. Law.


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